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Thread: Wssc 2016

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    Cool- I will make a point of keeping an eye out for you rick316.

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    .....and I surely hope that the newbie MIs who are presenting at WSSC remember where they got their start...and credit this site in full (because some of us remember the old days)

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    I thought WSSC was amazing. The new MIs did a fantastic job. Josh's Instinct Ride was exactly what I expected it to be and more. Nice to know that those of us on PO are still teaching the way Spinning was meant to be taught. One of the MI said" we are not here to Entertain but are here to Enter -Train. I am going on vacation this week so will try and post some of the rides we did or best I can remember on Profiles later this week.

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    This was by far the best WSSC for me.I went with the sole goal of wanting to socialize and I did I made some new friends,caught up with some old ones too and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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