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Thread: Thoughts on a gym having cycling bike to use along side the treadmills, etc

  1. Default Thoughts on a gym having cycling bike to use along side the treadmills, etc

    The owner of my gym wants to get some bikes for members to use just like the treadmills, elliptically, etc. but not a class setting. i can only see major problems here but wanted others advice. What are your thoughts?

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    There are bikes on the gym floor where I go and it's not a problem. We also have a cycle studio for group classes. I don't really see the problem as it's just another piece of cardio equipment.
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    They have asked me (I'm Keiser certified) to teach a intro class now and then and then everyone is on their own. (They only have room for 4-5 bikes. This place does not have classes of any kind there, only personal training. I would bet there aren't many at this facility who have ever done cycling before. I'm hesitant to be involved because in my 10+ years of teaching, I've had many things happen ( a pedal came off when someone was doing the rabid hamster, I've had people who said they had come before and then started having knee pain because their seat wasn't set right.That's when they admitted they have never been to a class before. I've had them grinding at about 20 rpm's until I explained why not. A 6'4" guy leaned on his handlebars so much it tipped forward and over, a gal got a pinched nerve in her neck from hanging it down while riding, plus other crazy stuff). I can only imagine them looking online for how to ride and find a soul cycle class or some other crazy class and some bad things can happen. I don't want my name involved unless it will be in a class setting.

    In in the other facility where I taught, we would allow some of our experienced riders to go in on their own and ride outside of class time but they were "experienced".

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    Most gyms that I teach at have bikes on the floor. It gives people the opportunity to ride when there isn't a class, or who want to ride on their own. Yes, I see people doing idiotic things with all most equipment on the floor-stationary bikes included. The gym has people overseeing the whole floor, and trying to keep the dangerous stuff from happening. Doesn't always work. Especially because they're not trained at all in proper bike fit, or how to ride safely. And they're most often trying to keep people from dropping weights on their heads, or running backwards on the treadmill. You can try to change things from educating your riders in the classes you're asked to teach. Maybe they'll like it so much that they'll want more.

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    We also have bikes right in front of treadmills and it is really nice. We do not have to worry about people sneaking into our cycle room to use the bikes in there.


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