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Thread: Best stretch for knee pain?

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    Can you recommend a stretch for anyone with knee pain?

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    Stretch all those *walking to a qualified professional* muscles might do the business

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrjohns3 View Post
    Can you recommend a stretch for anyone with knee pain?
    What is the cause of their knee pain? Did it start before or after an IC class? If it started after, they probably need their bike set up correctly more than they need a stretch. If it was hurting beforehand, it's important they determine the cause of the pain/injury.

    I have arthritis and zero cartilage in my left knee, so when my IT band is tight I am in a lot of pain, so stretching that and rolling it out helps. Really all lower body stretches will help somebody with knee pain, likely, but I'd be wary of advising without knowing why they are in pain.
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    Yoga for knee pain relief is great. Yoga may provide a feasible treatment option for previously yoga-naive, obese patients more than 50 years of age and offers potential reductions in pain and disability caused by knee OA.


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