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Thread: Digital distraction....and dilemma?

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    Default Digital distraction....and dilemma?

    Has anyone noticed articles in the fitness press regard8ing a bit of a kickback against all these fitness trackers? I don't mean the folk who've discarded their pedometer/fitbit or what-have-you because they couldn't be bothered to change the battery but those who perceive that it's a negative.....particularly WRT weight management (try Googling *My fitbit made me fat* to see what I mean) Perfect example of a Good Idea gone wrong.

    I've always reckoned that what you don't track, you can't control and one big advantage I found with my early pedometer use that the Old Lags on this forum will remember is being able to see just how much my lame attempts with a *diet* back in early 2012 messed with my NEAT as compared with the days BD (before diet) Finally convinced the husband that he wasn't walking as much as he believed when I got him a basic fitbit zip. Personally, I thought getting the readouts on your phone or tablet or whatnot was a bit redundant......and quite possibly counter-productive if it encourages you to do stupid stuff to get your *steps* up and then sit in front of a computer screen to gape at your awesomeness. So, recently swapped the olde pedometer (the clip broke) for a fitbit zip and got my husband to fire it up and send all data to my tablet. and whaddayaknow, today turned out to be a teaching moment.

    Had some class members still pestering to see some of my daughter's wedding pictures so I took the tablet in and fired it up and, in the process of admiring the results of heavy lifting and no beer, someone mentioned burning calories....... I was actually able to pull up my fitbit stats and give the assembled crew the "evidence" of why short term attempts at increasing calorie burn (spank yourself too much in class) can have unintended consequences (you need to rest up some for the rest of the day......and eat half a cow because you're so famished)

    Vivienne ... ..heavy lifting and no beer

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    I think all these gadgets can give us numbers, but unless you actually do something with the numbers it is useless. I wear my apple watch a lot of the time and have a good idea what my calorie burn is for certain activities, and I also like it for monitoring heart rate, but that is all.

    I can see what the articles are saying, but I think the trackers are great for basic information that most people don't have already.


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