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    Love class tamer!! Does anyone solely use that app or do they also bring a hard copy?

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    I also love Class Tamer and have used it since it was first available. However, I teach 5 classes a week, 3 in the same time slot/facility and get many regulars in all 3, so I need at least 3 different every week and I haven't always memorized exactly what I planned to do for the song that's next up so it does help having a note handy.

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    I love Class Tamer!

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    My understanding is that Class Tamer is gone now! Is that true?

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    My understanding is it's not supported. I have a version still installed on my old iPhone that I use in lieu of an iPod. It doesn't work the greatest with iOS 10, but it still works and I'm still using it!

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    I participated in a Schwinn training recently and the representative from Schwinn told us that they are redeveloping the app and hope to be relaunching it soon for a small fee!!!


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