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Thread: Schwinn Zone Descriptions

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    Looking for more variety in describing the four zones. Here is my typical:

    zone 1: easy, do it all day. Only warm up and cool down
    zone 2: challenging but comfortable. Could sustain for an extended period of time. Recovery phase
    zone 3: challenging and uncomfortable. Where we will spend most of our workout,
    zone 4: breathless, never here for longer than 30 seconds.

    anyone else say anything different?

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    In a Schwinn training I went to recently, the trainer shifted away from using zone numbers but referred to the same parameters labeled as easy, moderate, hard and anaerobic. She explained that studies found people related to the basic descriptions better than zones or perceived exertion labeled with numbers. I've tried it out and I do think riders know exactly what I expect from them with each of those cues (not that they all do it! LOL).

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    Thats pretty much how I say it...
    1- Flat road. supported/ easy. Recovery, cool down. Part of your warmup
    2-Moderate intensity. Comfortable work. Endurance zone. not recovery.
    3- Challenging and uncomfortable
    4- Breathless all out. 10 on your exertion scale. If you can carry on a convo at the end of zone 4 you didn't hit breathless


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