One of the members who took the class with Keiser bike sent me this email.

"She started out with few seconds warm-up pedaling then got right away into position 2 and 3 which she told us by " just touching different parts of the handle bars". Those of us who have your class know what to do.Maybe the instructor did not know what the positions mean because she did not look correctly herself either. When ever we stood up, she had us change from 2 to three for no reason as and she kind of look the same to me. We had no idea why and when she went up and down with gears. She kept yelling' Bounce yourself side to side, come on people rock those shoulders..". Can you believe it?. she even had us ride fast and sit up straight without holding to the bars with our hands "to build the core". What is that? She jumped off the bike many times to work on her ipod while telling us to keep bouncing. She also waved one hand back and forth at times while holding the bar with just one hand and I wonder what's that for? clicking to the loud frenzy music? And when she kept yelling"knee,knee" to tell us to use the knees to push down and watching her bouncing too much, I can't stand it anymore. "

There was more, but this message is pretty clear how the class was like. I also received a similar messages from other member. There are some organization (or clubs) who teach their cycle class in odd manner like this. Keiser is not into education but selling bikes. I've taken their workshop once and one of their so-called master instructor was telling us "go ahead and move your hips side to side" encouraging the extreme movements. Since I have not take their workshop for a while, I was wondering if this is how Keiser give workshop now?

Where did this instructor go all of these styles? I'm just wondering because she must have gone through an audition to teach at this club.