So, per the computer on my new bike, I've done close to 150 miles. An unimpressive number on the face of it but since most has been done at really low speeds, it represents a lot of remedial work on my low speed skills.

I'm quite amazed that I didn't get a Heads-Up! earlier in my biking career....even dh was quite amazed at how bad I was (daughter still doesn't believe me and we've done a fair bit of riding together) Still, it's been a worthwhile experience in a way because I do like to encourage folk to take up biking and now I can at least give advanced warning so no-one comes a cropper the way I did but with more serious consequences. Lemonade from a lemon sorta thing.

Now that I've gotten used to the platform pedals I quite like'll take a lot for me to go clipless on my proper bike I think.

Still not quite up to a track stand yet but was able to stop, balance and step of to the right (my *bad* side) when a car swung wide round a corner I was approaching and almost had me head on earlier this week.