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Thread: Chain lubrication question - Schwinn AC Performace

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    Two years ago I purchased a Schwinn AC Performance from Jeff at Studio Cycles. I know he has passed away, but I would like to say that he was great to deal with and the bike has been outstanding for my purposes. Studio Cycles used a fairly heavy looking grease like substance on the chain and so far I have done nothing to it (blue color and it probably is grease). I pulled the cover off yesterday and I am thinking it is time to clean the chain and replace the lubrication. Does anyone know what Studio Cycles had been shipping their bikes with? If not, what would be the appropriate way to lubricate this chain? I would like it to be low maintenance the way it had been. I should add that this bike is used at home only by be, I put about around 100hrs on it from December through March, and then it more or less sits during outdoor riding season.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, but I would really love to know what was on there originally.
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    I use tri-flow on all my indoor and outdoor bikes. it goes on light and works!

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    How often are you needing to reapply? For my outdoor bikes I use Boeshield T9, but I can't imagine it would be as durable as the grease that has been maintenance free for two winters.


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