You may be aware of the wonderful benefits Indoor Cycling can bring to someone suffering from Parkinson's Disease. Studies are now confirming that "forced exercise" (pedaling above voluntary cadences in the 80-90 RPM range) can bring lasting relief of the symptoms associated with Parkinson's Disease.

I've partnered with Kathy Helmuth to create the Parkinson's Cycling Coachtm training program to create an army of coaches across North America. Kathy is an RN, ACE Group X and Indoor Cycling Instructor. She developed and manages this program at two locations in Florida.

You can meet Coach Kathy and get a sense of the value these classes bring to her participants, by watching this short video.

This ACEFitness approved online program (0.5 CEC's) will prepare you to effectively coach these classes and help you develop a Parkinson's Cycling program at your club or studio.

In this online training you will learn:
  • Understand Parkinson's Disease from the medical and psychological perspectives.
  • What is "forced exercise" and how you will motivate your participants to achieve it during each class.
  • Meet a number of typical participants
  • Bike setup and proper attire
  • How to conduct the initial baseline assessments
  • Identify the three levels of participants; Beginner, Transitional and Athlete
  • Complete Class protocol and format, recordkeeping and multi-week program periodization
  • Specific class profiles with Spotify music playlists
  • One Threshold/Two Zones Heart Rate training for Parkinson's Cycling classes
  • Training with Power for Parkinson's Cycling classes
  • Equipment requirements for Indoor Cycles, Heart Rate training and performance data capture.
  • Additional resources, medical releases, waivers, etc...

Parkinson's Cycling Coaches receive access to a private Facebook group upon completion of the course for added information and encouragement.

The exercise protocols taught in this certificate program are consistent with the Pedaling for Parkinson's programs taught in a few YMCA's.

Interested in learning more and see if you qualify as a Parkinson's Cycling Coach?

Click here to review our fitness education prerequisites.