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    3 33.33%
  • Pretty consistently / every week

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  • Multiple times a week

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Thread: Do you promote your classes on Facebook? Is it helpful?

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    I don't advertise specifically but I do mention the club a lot on my profile to give them publicity as I mention my classes. If any friends attend, I am sure to mention them in the post as well.

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    I do post my classes on my Facebook page - so that friends/family/acquaintances who may not regularly take my classes might see it and give it a try. I don't post everyday, but maybe at the beginning of the week, or posting an updated schedule monthly. I don't want to bog down their newsfeed all the time, but I have had people give classes a try because they saw it on my page.

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    Yeah, I'm a little reluctant !!! I like to separate friends and the gym.

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    I always promote my classes on FB!! My classes for the week and the ones I'm subbing for!! My faithful followers like it!

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    I think social media is a great source to update clients when you are subbing for someone else or when someone is subbing for me.

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    Yes, when there's something special about the class. Not so many friends on FB that come to my classes so it doesn't help with the visibility much. One club I teach at has an automatic feed (GroupExPro) to our online schedule on the club's web site & highlights any subs.

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    Yes, I post if I am subbing a class that I don't regularly teach. It allows my students to know that I will be teaching an extra class.

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