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Thread: Real Ryder & Spinner Bikes in same class

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    The new director at my YMCA has the idea to buy 3-5 Real Ryder bikes for our program. We can't afford more than that at this time. Right now, we have 26 Spinner bikes. I am familiar with the Real Ryder bikes in that I've read about them and seen a video of them in use. My thinking is that instructors would not be able to teach to a class if only some of the participants were on Real Ryders, while the others were on regular Spin bikes. As much as I would love to have these bikes, I'm not sure buying just a few makes sense. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

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    Hi Chris! My view would be similar to having Mountain Bikes join our road bike group ride. Will it work at some minimum level? Yes - but to quote a line from an old movie; it just ain't natural

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    Oh, hey John! Thanks for your response. That's kind of what I thought.

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    We have both LeMond and Real Ryder - it seems to work...newer participants like the LeMond bikes and the seasoned riders like the Real Ryder bikes.

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    I am new, so pardon the ignorance, but what is the difference? Are they both indoor cycling "spin" type bikes?


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