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    My certification is through Reebok and I'm wondering what or if they have anything in the way of continuing ed. This site is awesome, but I'm getting kind of jealous reading about JG people and the courses they're taking. Any suggestions?

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    That's one of the major reasons I moved toward JGSI years ago, I started with Reebok and got nothing out of it.
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    So did you just go ahead and get the basic JG cert and then move into taking advanced classes? Thanks for your input!

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    Talking Go for it

    I was Cycle Reebok certified for 2 years and balked at the idea of getting JGS certified when our facility required it...but...

    I am so glad I did! It has made me a better instructor by teaching me safefy on the bike, visualization techniques, heart rate zones, etc. Plus, the CE courses are awesome and get you pumped to be a Spin instructor

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    Yes, after the initial spinning orientation, working on energy zones etc. I began taking both live MDA workshops in my area, MDA home study courses, always renewed my SPIN membership yearly (your 1st yr is free after your orientation), attend WSSC also. I also began reading more cycling related books, articles and network/fellowship with people on the forums. I really grew as an instructor by combining ALL of these outlets. Thanks to great people here, I am more open to learning and absorbing many opinions. I think I have only gained from the time and money I have put into my Continuing Ed.
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    Hi.... I have been teaching cycle for about 8 years now. I am Reebok certified. I was trained by a J.G.'er before I was Reebok certified. Even though I am not J.G. certified, I still continue to use a lot of the things she taught us. Do you think you need to keep re-educating yourself, or do you think after years of experience and of course keeping an eye on this and other websites, we can be just as qualified? I just know that when I go to a workshop I am all pumped for maybe 2-3 weeks afterwards I use everything I learned, but I find myself returning to my own way of teaching.
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    Default Feeing the same!!!

    I to im certified by reebok and read about all the fab courses available ...but tomahwak have taken over the rains i believe as reebok died of death..... but why is it that even if you are qualified there is no company offering the facility to do the ideas course for 1 day instead you have to take there course from sctratch ?

    ...sometimes we get certified for the same qulaification by a different provider as we need to move forward, but wouldnt that be like doing step twice or aerobics twice.... why do a qualification again to teach the same class, it might help you teach better as the last poster said it might keep you pumped for 2-3 weeks...

    come on guys, th ideas coming part of developing is learning from each other as well as attending courses, do we not become to obsessed with training and less with doing...?

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