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Thread: Let's do something unbelievably memorable - TOGETHER.

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    Default Let's do something unbelievably memorable - TOGETHER.

    On Saturday 9th August 2014,I will be hosting my 4th annual Indoor Cycling Festival,"The Ride For Life".It will be in Brighton,England and will be raising much needed funds to fight all Cancers.We have all been (or will be) affected by the terrible disease,in one strain or another but progress is happening and it is because of you & I making a difference.

    What I would like to have is for as many of you to host a fund raising Indoor Cycling event at your club on the same day.Our event will be over 12 hours,with 10 rides but your's can be as many or as few as you can put together.1 ride with 10 people taking part will raise money to help fight Cancer and you will be able to say that you were part of a WORLD WIDE event.

    I can help you with planning & logos,all you need to do is be awesome!

    If you are interested/curious/wanna make a difference,please get in touch with me on here or social media or by emailing rflcruk@gmail.comRide for Life Logo copy.jpg

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    Rick - you are some man for one man.

    I am very much looking forward to been at this event in person.
    All hail the Velominati cycling rule #5

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    Quote Originally Posted by metamorphosis View Post
    Rick - you are some man for one man.

    I am very much looking forward to been at this event in person.
    For Rick ... I am noting this event. Given my choice I'd be in your neck of the woods but seeing as this is, apparently, the Year of *Wedding Plans* as opposed to the Year of The Athlete II for me...... it may not happen (if it does, I'll bring a selection of outrageous ties )

    For meta .... I cannot think of a better reason for being there..... even if it's to understand what the reason might be.

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    I'm very interested... I'm a studio owner, and also heavily involved in a cancer charity here in the US, having lost both my mother & brother to colon cancer. We have actually been laying the ground-work for an indoor cycling fund-raiser for the charity, but to be able to link it to a world-wide event is a very intriguing idea... Would love to talk to you in more detail. You can email me at
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    Thanks Meta,I appreciate you saying that but I'm just doing what is completely crazy to even contemplate! lol

    Viv,I have a funny feeling that he will learn the reason for being a part of this event as soon as he walks out amongst the riders on the day.The emotions,energy...the friendships that were forged at last year's event amazed me.Strong ties that will not be broken.It was a coming together of people who had lost family & friends to Cancer and on that day,the found new family members.It was extremely emotional.

    InnerDrive,I have emailed you.

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    I've reached out to a number of clubs across this small planet we call "Earth" and I'm hopeful that we will all come together for this common cause.Please make contact as it could be much less effort than it may sound.

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    Sounds amazing!

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    It was We had 3 venues - Brighton,Manchester & Edinburgh.Plans are underway for 2015 and we want more venues so if you are interested,please get in touch.

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