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    I'm thinking a lot about the "perfect" visualization during the class.
    As almost everybody here I made cycling videos with drones (http://youtu.be/H69ZcxrFMfc) but changed to Powerpoint slides and simple profiles (cardioplaylists.com). Now I started project number 3: Modeling.

    During the last days I spent hours to learn to use 3D software like Unity and Terragen.
    Today I had another idea: modeling with plastilin.

    It's easy to create the profile and make photos. As you see I made green, orange and red flags.

    The idea is to show them during the class on a big screen.

    It's just a very first draft.. What do you think?




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    I think it has potential. My biggest concern is with keeping my visuals as simple and to-the-point as possible. I don't want folks getting distracted trying to figure out what I was thinking when I created a particular picture or whatnot. If I were in your class with the above pictures, I would wonder where is this mountain of ice cream I'd rather be riding on? I recommend gray or brown clay for a mountain, in other words!

    But it is creative. Keep pursuing it -- I'd love to see what you come up with. I've had ideas about creating animations for visuals myself, but have never had a chance to sit down and work with a CGI software to see if it would be something I could figure out. I applaud your efforts. Good luck.
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    For me the biggest concern would be for those attending your class who don't cycle outdoors and who have no frame of reference for the terrain you've created. Also the scale of rider to terrain is another issue. The world is so much bigger than people are. While I admire your creativity, I would suggest focusing more on the fitness you are trying to help your students attain rather than reality of their experience.
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    It seems to me that by "perfect visualization" you are referring to the perfect "progress indicator". Like the profile visualization in Class Builder but different in some way. What don't you like about CB's approach? and what different information are you trying to convey?

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    Thanks for the feedbacks and the motivation to continue (as you know we have the visualization discussion also in the cycling app tread )
    And I agree with your concerns SpinBob about the people don't cycle outdoors.

    In the meantime I created a new task: Another version of the Spinning® Energy Zones®
    Why? Because of this _____ ® and I don't like them because they are too complicated for the most people in my class.

    That's I a created a "new" one and I love to get you feedback.

    Here some remarks:
    - This is not a class profile but a zone training chart. This means a hole class is in the "Valley" as example. You may google "Energy Zones®" to see how this works - it's not magic just how every athlete trains...
    - Yes, it's again a "outdoor" profile but I think even people with no experiences riding outdoor will understand the chart. And: I'm a mountainbiker. I love outdoor profiles
    - The numbers below the noun are RPE values. They are may not correct for everybody...
    - Three different cycling positions are possible: Seated, Out of the Saddle and Attack. Attack is similar to "Position 3" in the Spinning® Programm. Sure you can do jumps etc.
    - Every "zone" can be ridden as "training" or "race". Race = you have problems to walk the next day.

    This is not a new guide but only a visualization how to train.
    And sure I will not use it for my real Spinning® classes.

    Click the picture to enlarge.

    Examples how to use it to describe your upcoming class:


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