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Thread: Schwinn Johnny G pro Flywheel issues help

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    Hello everyone, i am completely new to this what looks like an awesome resource of a forum

    I had been considering purchasing a indoor spin bike for a while so that i could train sometimes at home rather than going to the studio everyday , the studio that i have been going to for a couple years had the johnny G pro's and recently upgraded to new Lemonds. So i do realized the value in new equipment, but it is just for my house and the Johnny G was pretty good. so started looking around and located one about an hour from where i live, it was at a cross fit gym. When i went and rode it, it seemed to be good with the exception of a squealing and clicking noise in the front hub area, i am slightly mechanically incline and it looked like a fairly simple fix.

    I purchased the bike and ordered some parts , I purchased a new hub assembly ( which has bearings, axle and axle housing ) so i removed the flywheel, disassemblied the hub and pressed the axle assembly out of the flywheel. I Froze the new Axle housing shrinking it and making it easier to be pressed back into the flywheel. reassembled the entire hub assembly, then reinstalled the flywheel onto the bike and adjusted the chain.

    My issue is still present , the bike is still making a clicking, squeaking noise. I noticed that the flywheel is wobbling pretty bad ( not sure that this was or wasn't this way before the axle housing replacement )

    Is it possible that the flywheel is bent ( it cast iron, i wouldnt think it would be but .....)
    Is it possible that even with all the measurements being done that the chain is not adjusted properlly
    Is it possible that the frame is bent, not allowing the chain flywheel adjustment to be correct

    Any other suggestions ?

    Thank you in advance for any help !

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    It may be the hub assembly that you put in the bike. If the flywheel was not wobbling before you took it off, it wouldn't be the frame or bracket the flywheel unless it got damaged when you reinstalled the flywheel. You typically have to machine press that axle back into the housing for the flywheel. With you freezing it I don't know if it did any damage to the grease or bearings in the axle. If the hub axle is not installed properly you could still be getting the clicking noise. I would start there. Make sure too that you have roughed up the felt brake pads and saturated them with silicone, this could cause a squeaking noise.
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    Thank you for the reply MZsprocket ,
    I am not sure that the flywheel did or didn't wobble before the axle housing replacement, honestly I really didnt think to much of it as it seemed like a fairly cut and dry repair .
    I had a friend of mine machine press the axle housing in, do you think its possible that the flywheel could have been bent in the possess.? ( the pressure to get the old one out was high, loud pop )
    The housing is completely flush with the flywheel ( just as it came out ) and I would think wiyh it being cast iron and then housing being steel that there would be no chace for it not to have gone in straight.

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    I really don't think its the Flywheel itself because it would be very difficult to damage it. I am still thinking its the axle that was installed. Not sure if you can press it out and then reinstalling it without damaging it though...You might checkout the brackets on the frame, verify they are straight and not bent or make sure no one tampered with them before you got the bike. Otherwise you may have to start over with a new axle assembly.
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    of the thousands of flywheels i've seem there were maybe a hand full of times when i had issues with the hub that goes into the flywheel. usually i would only need to replace the bearings and sometimes the axle if it was bent.
    did you check if the new axle was straight? it's rare but it's happen to me where new axles came bent.
    some of the older JG needed a washer(or 2) between the frame and the inside axle nut, to space the frame and flywheel apart.
    It could also be the bearings are to tight in the hub or the axle nuts are too tight.


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