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Thread: leather Brake pad resistence. Domyos vs910

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    Question leather Brake pad resistence. Domyos vs910

    Hi everyone, Im newbie in this forum (and spanish , sorry for my english)!! I ve got a domyos vs910 , with leather resistence on the top of thw flywheel, and I´ve got some questions, for "the experts"

    1-Recently, I have pulished the pad because it was "glassed"(with a black surface) , with a hard sandpaper, to remove this.
    2-After that, I put this on my bike without grease (with 3 in 1) the pad. And I could see how this vibrates at medium resistence and high cadence..., squerling hardly..
    3-Then I discovered this (amazing) forum, in Spain there are not many forums of indoorcycling....and I listened that its recommended to grease with 3 in 1 lubricant the leather pad..
    4- I put some 3 in 1 this morning in the pad and the noise and vibrations seemed to stop!!, So,

    How many times I have to lubricate the leather pad¿

    I did well with the 3 in 1 lubricant¿ or Its better another oil(I have tried with silicone sprays, but not stop the noise)¿¿

    I await your opinions and advices!, Thanks very much and nice to met you!!

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    3-1 seems to work fine, maybe once a week. It is primarily to keep the leather from drying out. I put one (1) drop on the tip of my finger and swipe it across the pad. That is all. It is to keep the pad supple, not necessarily to lubricate in terms of greasing.

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    Thanks I´ll do this!

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    I am glad I've found this forum - seems like the only place where a topic I am interested in is being discussed.

    I am about to buy a spin bike for a home use, but i have a little concern about the leather-type of a friction pad. Specifically, intuitively, I'm concerned about the interaction of the metal and leather (smooth and rough). I can imagine the advantages of leather, such as durabilty, but does it really provide such a smooth ride and wide range of adjustable resistance?

    My prefered spinning style is more aerobical, rather than a workout-like. I have ridden by now just a spin bike with a felt friction, that's why I'm asking. Eventually, if I don't like it, is it technically possible to switch from a leather pad to a felt pad?

    Many thanks for any advice

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