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Thread: Why your club demands that YOU DO NOT TALK TO THE MEDIA!

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    Sorry - I'm confused by this post... was this in response to a prior post that was maybe removed?

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    Thanks for the link Bill!

    A couple of new thoughts on this:

    1st - You can't put the Genie back in the bottle. Millions (yes millions) of women will read this article over the next months and years - many of them will ignore it, but there will be a segment who will read this and think "well that confirms my concerns about cycling classes" and may never step foot in one of our classes - ever.

    2nd - But Jennifer was misquoted! You're right she was misquoted. My Facebook post was specifically about why the author (with what we now see as a specific agenda) chose Jennifer to quote in the article that denigrates our favorite form of exercise. It's really simple to understand why; the author wanted a quote from someone that would strengthen her article, by listing someone with an impressive title - giving the impression of being an authoritative source... and she found one. Notice that there are no quotes from any of the established IC brands. Publishers and marketers understand almost no one reads articles word by word, they skim them for important words.

    Bill your quote; "First, it should be obvious that no one speaks for the entire indoor cycling industry. The industry includes gyms, clubs and studios, bike and other product manufacturers, certifying organizations, educational resources, and instructors. No one speaks for that diverse of a group. Just as no one, not even the AMA, speaks for all physicians, or no one, not even the NRA, speaks for all gun owners."
    conveniently ignores my point. To the uninformed public a representative from the NRA does speak for all gun owners, the head of the AMA does speak for all doctors. That's why a reporter will seek out the representative who presents him or herself as an Expert or leader of (or connected to) a particular group, rather than Billy Bob gun owner from down the street when they need a quote about gun safety.

    My original post in this thread is very specific to why your club doesn't want you to speak to the media. A reporter has very little interest in quoting a random Indoor Cycling Instructor... while they are very eager to include a quote from an Indoor Cycling Instructor with Soul Cycle, Flywheel, Lifetime Fitness, Equinox, etc..

    3rd - What specific and or direct knowledge does she have to represent either side of this argument? Has she conducted any clinical trials that proves/disproves this? Has anyone? I'm not aware of any published research that would qualify anyone as an expert on whether or not your legs will get bigger from indoor cycling. As far as I can tell her knowledge comes from the same sources we all have available, should we choose to research the subject.

    4th - Jennifer Sage was offered (and rejected) the same Industry Standard user designation we offer any other contributor that could benefit financially from their participation here at
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    It's in response to a blog post that's linked to this thread.

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