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Thread: SoulCycle Instructor's Class action lawsuit

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    Default SoulCycle Instructor's Class action lawsuit

    Interesting article about a former SoulCycle instructor suing them

    The owners of the hippest sweat spot in town are in the hot seat.
    Nick Oram, former SoulCycle master instructor, filed a class action lawsuit Friday against the exercise chain for allegedly violating California and New York wage laws by failing to pay its instructors for the extra work they spend on corporate training programs, developing routines, marketing, communicating with customers and compiling playlists, according to Thompson Wigdor, the firm representing the instructors.

    Additional thoughts about SoulCycle Instructor's Class action lawsuit

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    Who gets paid for anything but teaching? If I got paid for everything I do to be the teacher I am I would be doing quite well

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    Agree Sue, industry standard.

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    The article says nothing about whether New York or California labor laws require payment to employees for the practices the suit alleges. If there is no law, the suit will most likely be thrown out of court. Otherwise, every fitness instructor in New York and California has a suit against their club unless they are specifically a contract employee.
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    I wish we got paid for developing our class, and for the continuing education... We just get paid for the hour long class... plus 10 minutes so we can meet with members prior to make sure for proper bike fit.

    Where do you work where you get paid for more that just your class?... I'll switch

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    I fancy that the SoulCycle folk are starting to put out some more aggressive marketing (coincident or not)

    Had a class member today ask me about the tomfoolery she'd seen on TV this very am (in a way that I fancy was expecting a positive comment) My response was that it's an excellent way to get no serious training effect with the added benefit that you look like an idiot and might just provide a stimulus package for your local physical therapist.

    Maybe we need a new forum called *Charm School*. I used to welcome nonsense such as this as it made me think a bit. Now, I guess I'm just too darn old to deal with such nonsense.] nicely


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    Compensation for required training is required by law in most places, but teh time to develop profiles, program your music, etc. is your own time and you cannot be compensated for that.


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