As if you needed a reason to come to the lovely "Holy City" of Charleston, I want to give you an even better one:

Spinning® Master Instructor Scott Schlesinger is coming in May to deliver a weekend of incredible education! If you can't make it to WSSC this year, but want to experience a piece of the goodness, Scott will be leading his his extraordinary Master Ride "The Road to Kona" on Friday, May 3, 2013 at 6:00 pm at Charleston RIDE. This is one of his signature, explosive rides which debuted at the World Spinning® and Sports Conference several years ago. It is a transformative ride which explores the physical and mental rigors of the Ironman triathlon and it is not to be missed!! If you can't get to Miami, then get to Charleston!

Scott will also be leading a weekend of workshops including a Spinning Instructor Orientation, the Strength Energy Zone workshop and Loops and Ladders.

Y'all have heard me talk about how great Charleston RIDE is, but this is one of the things that makes our studio so special -- we bring the talent to the people who can't easily travel for the big conferences. Come and visit us!! I'll help you get here and enjoy your stay any way that I can.

For more information and all the links you need to register, you can view our annoucement HERE.

I hope to meet some of you! Those of you who live in the Lowcountry -- NO EXCUSES! You should not miss this! :-)