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Thread: Should be lemon not Lemond

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    Bought this bike based on user reviews and Hoist web site stating all bikes 100% inspected. I am now on my third defective bike. The 1st bike had a defective flywheel and handle bars that would not sit straight. The flywheel had a dent which caused a snapping noise with every revolution. Swapped it for another bike and this one had an oval shaped flywheel which caused a much worse noise and a jumping sensation in the handle bars. Now one month later and 3rd bike finally no flywheel issues but having handle bar issues not sitting straight. Very frustrated this is not a cheap bike and fed up. Hoist has some major manufacturing issues this is by no means a coincidence 3 defective bikes in a row I think not. They will not compensate and take responsibility just want to keep swapping parts and bikes until they get it right. I have to live with the handlebars not sitting straight because I don`t trust not getting a bike with more and worse defects. These bike are heavy and it has been a hassle. The whole experience with buying Hoist bike has been terrible. It`s to bad because I am sure it would have been a great buy if not for the defects. The bike is quiet and smooth. 5 stars for that.. it just took 3 bikes , one month, lots of emails,phone calls to the store, tech visits, 5 trips up and down stairs etc.... I hope this review keeps people from going through what I have.... buy something else or make sure your 100% satisfied before leaving the store.
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    Kind of sounds like how an actual relationship with Mr. LeMond would be; finicky, uncomfortable, and everyone involved with him is incredibly defensive and refuses to resolve the issues at hand. But he when could perform he was pretty awesome.

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    .... and in the end he was proven to be right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd S View Post
    .... and in the end he was proven to be right.
    Todd I've used the phrase "he's been redeemed in the eyes of some" but word is he can be a real pill to work with.

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