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Thread: The fire alarm went off!

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    Halfway through subbing a class last night, and the fire alarm went off - strobe lights, sirens, and a voice saying "Please proceed in an orderly manner to the nearest exit." Feeling responsible for the members in my class, I shut off the stereo, got off the bike and everyone followed me out of the cycling room. Most everyone else was still working out on the machines, the Zumba class was still going as if nothing happened. The manager at the front desk told me that someone in the mall must have pulled the alarm (this club is in an indoor mall) and we were OK. The siren went on at least ten minutes and was so loud, especially in the cycling room, that all but one of my class couldn't stand it and left.

    It made me think that in over 8 years of teaching, only one club, not this one, has informed instructors what they should do if the fire alarm goes off. I'm somewhat sensitive to this as my full-time job is in the largest fire alarm factory in the world (I'm an engineer working on an unrelated product line of the parent company).

    For more interesting coincidences - when the alarm finally stopped and I got back to class with my one member, the next song was Bruce Springsteen's "The Rising", which is about firefighters on 9/11 - "Bells are ringing and fill the air...". I had to teach my regular class right after that one I was subbing, and at random picked a playlist that included "Pound the Alarm" by Nikki Minaj!

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    It happened to me again, teaching an aqua class at another location of the same chain. Toward the end of class, the alarm with the lights, siren, and recorded voice went off. They had been testing the alarm a few days earlier and I didn't want to force the members to dash outside (at least it was unseasonably warm 54 F) in their wet swimsuits. So I told them to get out of the pool, towel off, and wait for me to check on it. I saw the cycling class still going strong, people still working out, someone said it was a false alarm, so I went back to the pool and restarted the class. A minute later, a front desk person came to the pool and said we were OK. But the alarm was still going off, and a minute after that, someone else came and said we had to leave because someone smelled something burning, though we had time to get our things and dressed enough to go outside. By the time I got out the first of three fire trucks had pulled up.

    I went off to do some shopping, came back a half hour later and everything was back to normal. The front desk person told me the alarm went off because the furnace kicked on full blast for the first time this season. Has anyone else had to deal with such a situation while teaching, and do you have any established procedures for what to do if there is an emergency during your class?


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