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Thread: Schwinn AC, MPower and Ant+

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    Default Schwinn AC, MPower and Ant+

    Hi all,
    Finally bought a Indoor Cycle and chose the Schwinn AC Sport.Unfortunately,the folks over at Schwinn couldnt answer all of my questions,and I am hoping someone can help out.

    I know the Mpower console is Ant+,and one can download data from the console to a computer with a UBS stick.From what I can tell, Schwinn does not have any training software,so I assume I would simply load the data to Excel.

    Are there any decent reasonable 3rd party software that anyone reccomends?Nothing too crazy.One person at Schwinn mentioned TrainingPeak.
    Any other suggestions welcomed.

    Am I correct that Garmin is Ant+ compatable while Polar is not? I would like to buy a HRM,but I believe is has to be Ant+ compatable.
    Is the Garmin Connect training tool a decent software?I read a review by DC Rainmaker on the Garmin F-60,and it appears the GarminF-60 can access the Power data from the console and load it into the Garmin Connect application.

    Sorry for the barrage of questions

    Any insight greatly appreciated.

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    Schwinn Support got back to me and was very helpful.
    If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me.


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    What did they say please email me..

    I am looking into right now.

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    I believe Trainer Road should work with the Schwinn power console. You will need an ANT+ USB stick to pick up the ANT+ power signal from the bike. Garmin sells one for a pretty reasonable price. PM me if you have any questions about Trainer Road, I've used it quite a bit and really like the program. There are few other similar programs on the market now, too, but IMO, at least at the moment, Trainer Road has the most to offer.
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    I tried to use the new Bluetooth and ant+ compatible HRM put out by Mio - the Mio Link. Beyond problems with the Bluetooth with my Windows 8 Phone, I couldn't get it to reliably link up with the ant+ device. A colleague is using a Wahoo Tickr that links to the phone but again is unable to reliably link to the ant+ device. As long as it goes to the phone, I am feeling like that will be OK but I find this all like technology waiting to happen.


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