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Thread: Does your club or studio have an AED - Automated External Defibrillator?

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    Yes we have one (required by law in NJ?). We all are supposed to have current CPR and AED training.

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    My husband is a firefighter and teaches first aid/CPR classes...all classes taught now include AED training and is ABSOLUTELY necessary as most all gyms/malls/schools/office buildings have an never know where you may be when you need to use it!!! Cardiac arrest can occur in other places besides the gym...better to be prepared to help others when called for! =-)

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    YEs we have one in our gym

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    Our club has one...but I have not been trained by the club.

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    We have an AED on site. We are required to be CPR certified and CPR certifications generally now include instruction on the AED. When, however, a member had a (sadly, fatal) heart attack in our gym last summer, however, the AED's batteries were dead. Training to use the AED will only get you so far if they are not properly maintenanced.

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    is it required in the state of New Jersey by law? because the gym that I teach at does not have one it should be mandatory

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    Yes in each floor, ours is right outside cycle room. Feb is heart month and I use this as opportunity to talk about AED with classes

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    Yes, and I think Zoepup is correct about it being N.J. law. AED instruction is part of the Red Cross CPR certification, which is now a two-year cert.

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    Yes, ours has one and a button if you aren't nearby to have someone bring it to you.

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    Yes. WE're required to have a current CPR/AED certification.

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    Yes, our gym (nice older church-affiliated) has a couple of AED's and now requires instructors to be AED certified.

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