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Thread: Does your club or studio have an AED - Automated External Defibrillator?

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    Default Does your club or studio have an AED - Automated External Defibrillator?

    I've been doing some research on the laws requiring AEDs in fitness clubs & studios and the adoption rates in fitness facilities in general. The Life Time Fitness clubs where I teach all have an AED and training in it's use was part of our CPR training.
    I found this article at that says:
    Numerous states now require fitness facilities to have at least one automated external defibrillator (AED) on-site, along with trained staff. As of press time, there are 10 of these states—Arkansas, Calif*ornia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massa*chusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York (for clubs with more than 500 members) and Rhode Island—plus Washington, DC. Legislation is pending in other states.
    Please let me know: Does your club or studio have an AED and if it does, have you been trained in it's use?

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    Yes, AED on all the fitness floors (multi-level buildings). I have been trained as part of my basic first aid certification.
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    Our club has one too. in my main job i´m working with High Power Voltage, so every year we get a first aid and AED education.

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    Yes, our club has it. As a nurse I am trained regularly but I think it is good idea for most people, especially those that teach group fitness classes to have a basic CPR class and AED instruction every few years.

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    Yes in all the Y's that I teach in have them. Running joke in the one where I teach, I kid one member that if dosen't behave I will have it moved.........
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    yes both places i teach have them. We are required to have cpr & we learn it there.

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    Same as Sue, we are required to keep current with CPR and get the AED at the same time

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    Yes we have it one in the club, some staff people are trained on CPR & AED.

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    Yes, in specific locations. All instructors have to undergo annual training.
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    Yes and yes.

    Our club also provides periodic recert courses in CPR/AED and require certifications to be current.


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    Most every fitness facility I've seen lately has an AED, even one small new studio that offers only classes, has no equipment. The few that don't tend to be older.
    Also, all the CPR trainings I've seen now include AED.
    AED's are popping up in more places. My church recently got one.

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