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Thread: How long do your spin classes last?

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    My classes are either 45 minutes or 60 minutes. And, I have to have the music off exactly at the end of my classes because a yoga class starts in the room next door and they get annoyed with the cycling instructors' music.

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    That's funny - I have the opposite problem - I can't start my class until 9:30 on the dot b/c the yoga people in the next studio complain!

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    I took over a Saturday class two years ago, when I first started the yoga class actually ended when my class started. Several months later, the instructor decided to start teaching at 9, that was her decision knowing we basically share a wall, even though I started a 9. She complained about my bass once. I must have made a face considering she never said anything ever again.

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    My class is supposed to be 45 min., but I generally go from start to finish about 50-52 min. If someone needs to leave they can, and I always tell them to make sure they cool down, and stretch. We have our own spinning room, and there isn't a class directly after, so that is helpful.

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    My gym had 30 min classes at lunch, but it just seems too short to get anything done! I think they're doing away with them.

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    I would agree, the gym/studio sets the length of the class. Spinning® teaches class length should be 40 minutes, not including appropriate warm-up/cool down period for type of class (i.e., interval, endurance, HITT, etc...). The Y where I teach/sub likes 50 minutes to give time for one class to end and another to get ready to begin at posted start time.

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    I teach one 45 minute class and one 60 minute class. I prefer the 60 minute class.

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    almost 60 min

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    When I first started all rides at this one chain were 1 hour when I went to a new club they were all 45 minutes. If I went over members would leave. I guess it’s what you are accustomed to. In time I met the challenge of packing 60 minutes of work into 45. I actually liked the 45 minute format better

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    60 minutes total. I usually plan a 52-54 minute class with 6-8 minutes for cool down and stretches.

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