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Thread: This Is The Help Section For Questions On Using the Forum

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    Default This Is The Help Section For Questions On Using the Forum

    If you want your Thread to be found easily in the future, please choose from the 40+ topic areas that best reflects your question or comment.

    This section is reserved for your questions, reporting problems and finding solutions for using Pedal-On.

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    HI! Yes, new here and really excited to be here!! I am trying to figure out my way around and was wondering if there are specific "folders" i.e. profiles or if everything is intermixed within threads and I should just do a search for "profiles"?

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    Just scroll down until u c the section for profiles. When u open it u will c lots of diff. profiles. It has some really great stuff.
    Welcome & good luck.

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    Hi Just a quick question. How do I change my email address? I would like to change from my work address to my personal account. Thank you.

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    Hi there! I just signed up with pedal-on and can't open all of the folders, it says I have restricted access. I was hoping to open up the profiles link but can't get through, I tried others and still couldn't get in to see the threads. Does any one know how I can get more access? Thank you!!

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    Oops! Just had to check my email


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