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Thread: Fun games anyone?

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    I remember taking a Spinning continuing ed class and the MI did some fun heart rate games with us. I now teach a class where everyone is on a monitor (Polar) and I have the perfect chance to do this - but I can't remember the games!

    I remember him having us hit certain %, then recover to another, then climb back up to the next ladder.

    Anyone have any great ideas? My brain is old

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    Great Ideas, don´t know. Ideas a lot. They all based on holding cadence - heart rate goes up or down, holding heart rate - cadence goes up or down, ocillate between two Heartrates.For example a 20 min hill, starting with 75% HRmax seated, change to Standing Hill and bring your HR up to 85%, then sit down and decrease HR to 75%, before changing again to Standing Hill. Andi

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    I remember the heart rate recovery game. It's fun if you do it in two steps. one class without HR monitors, and then the very next class with HR monitors. Tell them you will do this so that they can compare feedback with RPE alone and feedback with RPE and HR: first class, don't use any heart rate monitors, and have everyone rely on RPE. Divide your profile into five minute intervals after the warm up. At the end of the warm up, spend about five minutes at a moderate effort (zone 2). Tell them that this is what they are looking for when they recover, and the object of the game is find this feeling again, each time, before they begin the next work interval. Now you are ready for the first one. Instruct them to work Hard for four minutes (coach to a zone 3 effort level), then recover for final minute of the interval. IF after that minute they FEEL like they have recovered, then they begin the next interval. Otherwise, they keep recovering until they are ready. Keep doing that over and over. It's important to remind them as time goes on that they likely will need longer to recover. Ask them to try to remember how long they allowed themselves for recovery. In the next class, play the same game, but this time with HR monitors. Some of them will really get an AHA moment, realizing how useful HR is as an added tool for gauging intensity. The game also helps riders to focus on a much-neglected aspect of training (recovery) in a fun way. It really helps to have some spare HR monitors to do this one, since not everyone has one.
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    We did a game where we revved our heart rate up and then we went into recovery and the first person who got their heart rate down got to stand up and revv their heart rate up again and so on and so forth...we did this for a certain number of reps and the person who finished first won.

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    Thanks so much for the responses! I incorporated two games into my profile last week and they loved it. I did them ladder-style where they had to "tag" a number and then recover back to a base number, then "tag" the next number, etc. up to a certain %. It really allowed for different riders to work at their pace while still working hard.

    I love all of your ideas and they will help me a ton the next time!

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    These are all great ideas. I'm new to "being the instructor" and am in serious need of great ideas. I'm going to try some of these games soon! thanks!

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    team HR works cool. cooperation of 2 members to get to a given hr

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