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Thread: Using video posted on YouTube?

  1. Default Using video posted on YouTube?

    Have any of you ever spliced together video downloaded from YouTube for virtual classes? Are there any legal concerns regarding the use of, for example, professional bike race footage, music videos, etc. posted on YouTube in "home made" video rides for indoor cycling?

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    most if not all of the video on youtube would not translate well to a large screen as it has been greatly compressed. I stay away from it for this reason.

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    Yep agree. Tried it, not good.
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    Thanks! Hadn't considered that....

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    I tried to show a video yesterday in my class and it did not go over very well, either. I think part of the problem was I tried to go directly from YouTube to our screen in our studio using my iPod. The internet service at our gym kept stopping. It was a bust. I am determined though to figure out how to make it work. Someone suggested downloading the video into Windows Media player and show it from my computer hard drive. As for other types of media, some instructors have filmed "homemade" rides that they have done and it works quite well in a class. The terrain mimics the ride profile.

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    That's what I was playing with - trying to edit together a video in Movie Maker. I may just put together a short trial movie and project it from my laptop to see how it looks before I put too much work into it... If I do that, I'll let you know how it looks.

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    Well, I tried downloading a few videos posted on youtube of cycling footage (with all the folks out there using GoPro & similar cameras - there are actually quite a few posted) and putting them together in Movie Maker. I chose the highest quality download I could for the videos. The result was not bad - not the greatest, but seems to work okay on the system I have available to me. Granted, the video system I have available is not the greatest, and the screen I can project on is on the small side - so I'm not sure how it would look on a larger screen. I pieced together a short (7 minute) video as a trial. If anyone is interested in seeing how it looks, I could probably email the video file, but can't really post it here (too big...). PM me if you're interested in seeing the end result.

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    what program are you using to get the videos from you tube? i have the one that converts the songs but i can not figure out how to get the videos easily....thanks

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