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    Cameron and fellow stages riders - where can I get some ideas for other unique stages profiles to use in class? I would love some new ideas.

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    Hey Kristinmmc! Have you gone through a Stages training with us before? Either 3 Hour Power or Instructor Essentials? That will help me get started with providing you resources. Are you located in the States? If so, whereabouts? That will help me find something for you as well. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kristinmmc View Post
    Cameron and fellow stages riders - where can I get some ideas for other unique stages profiles to use in class? I would love some new ideas.
    Are you meaning parts of races, gran fondos, and the like? I'm doing the AMGEN Tour of California right now. They just published the profiles that the riders will be riding in May. I print out the profile for everybody, put it in a sheet protector with a rubberband to affix to their handlebars. We just did Stage 2 and had a blast. The Levi Leipheimer Gran Fondo out of Santa Rosa is a great profile, too. So, if that isn't what you mean, never mind ;-)

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    Our Y just purchased the free motion bikes, we were all trained last last weekend. There's lots of excitement to use all of the new information and data. We have not received any of the follow up emails providing access to profile information. I've emailed admin and have not gotten a reply. Any new bike owners experience this? Can anyone tell me how to access their profile site? The bikes are a great addition to our program.

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    Hey Liz,

    Funny, we were just talking about you as we just got a message from your through our site. We're trying to get down to the bottom of it, but we think your email was mis-entered into our database, hence why you haven't received anything! You are being added to our Stages platform of, and will receive a temporary password to gain access. Once you are in, then you can change your password. Once there, go to the Class Plans tab and you'll find lots of "simple sets" (repeatable sets for easy class creation), as well as Class By Design plans that I'm sure Doug told you about.

    Additionally, next week we are launching something called The 30-Day Brake Down. Everyone that has gone through our 9 hour training will gain access to this as well. Basically, every day for 30 days you'll receive and email with links to a special Stages hub that contains videos, class plans, playlists and troubleshooting tips for the technology. We're really excited about it! More than likely, this will eventually replace GroupExPro because it has so many social aspects that we're all really excited about.

    You'll definitely receive something from us, today!


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    we just got Freemotion, with the consoles... how do we access this information? The rep did not mention anything of the sort...and myself and the instructors are sort of free winging it...
    anyhelp would be greatly appreciated

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    It would help maybe if you knew we got the Carbon s11.9 about 70 plus of them... Love them

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    Hi Sam, My colleagues and I were just commenting on the web-form that you sent us on You will be contacted by Anne Liggett to discuss options for trainings. The tricky part with you being an instructor for LTF is that it's up to them as a corporation whether or not we can come in to do instructor trainings. At present we have not been approved to do our full training, however that may change. You'll hear from Anne today.


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    We just purchased the stages bikes at our gym. I have a watt bike at home and have been using some of my workouts for my classes. It's getting a bit boring and the members are missing the regular "rides". Would love some ideas on rides for the "Stages" bikes!!

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    hi i see your post from more then a year ago= we just got stages bikes at our gym - too i am looking for some rides if they are at there that might stages bike related??lmk
    thanks K


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