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Thread: Power Agent software issues and others

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    Just picked up a (used) 300PT.
    I downloaded PowerAgent v. from the CycleOps website.
    I seem to have a bunch of issues/problems that perhaps you folks have encountered and can walk me through to fix. This seems to be the closest I can find to a CycleOps discussion forum so I hope there is a deep well of knowledge here on these.

    1. When I connect the Console to my computer and turn it on (mode), the display reads "Host" - but nothing appears on my computer or on PowerAgent to indicate that the device is connected to the computer (as PA's help contents says it would). Am I not seeing it? Where would this be? When I first connected the console, it downloaded all needed drivers. Running Windows Vista 64-bit, BTW.

    2. When I click on the "download data" icon, I get (twice) an error message that "JouleDFU.exe has stopped working." It goes through that a few times, then downloads the data from my console. What is that file, why is it, and how can I get rid of it (I can't find it anywhere on the p.c.).

    3. Downloaded my first workout this morning. After it went through it's contortions in #2, above, it crashed my computer and it had to re-start. After re-start, all the data were there (I think) but it's certainly not a procedure I want to go through every time I use the console. Any idea what's happening there?

    4. Last one relates to the console itself and not PowerAgent.... Is there a way to save a workout so that the next workout I do, before I download to the p.c., is a new file and not just a continuous stream of data? Or, does it matter? Say I ride the bike Tuesday and again on Thursday. If I don't download on Wednesday, will the Thursday file just be a continuation of Tuesday, or will it be a new file (with new time and distance, I'm primarily wondering about.)?


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    Not sure what's exactly going on. I just use PowerAgent to download from my Joule (use it with an SRM - one of the nice things about Ant+ protocol). I then export the .csv file into wko+ and Golden Cheetah. (They're both good in their own way - and Golden Cheetah is free!) My experience is that Power Agent is lacking in many analysis tools.

    Saris' customer service is good. Give them a try with the specifics. FWIW, I've only used it with XP and Windows 7.

    Good luck.

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