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*I've even seen some coaches advocate up to 160rpm, but again, these are skilled cyclists doing them in intervals on their road bikes. Their very specific objective is neuro-muscular training so the leg muscles can adapt and contract more quickly.
??? Not sure what you're talking about here...

Neuro-muscular power was a term first used by Jim Martin (as far as I know, at least that's who I believe Coggan credits for it), but it's used by Coggan in power profiling to characterize 5 second maximal power.


Any muscle can contract quickly. Contracting explosively (with speed and force) is generally what's specifically trained. This has little to do with ultra high cadences. It's generally trained through all out, maximal efforts often lasting no more than 5 or 10 seconds with complete recoveries between reps.

So much of what is prescribed these days starts to make little sense when examined under the basic priciples of specificity and overload.