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Thread: Your going to love this

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    Default Your going to love this

    can you see this heppening in your class ?
    look mom no hands
    the older i get the better i was

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    *slip* Look mum, no teeth!
    How cute though - they're all wearing matching tops. Bless.

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    You have got to be kidding me.

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    I couldn't stand to watch this stupid syncronized indoor cycling because it is so awful. It made me want to hold on to my teeth, tightly.

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    Well, I showed it to my husband and he reckoned that I should do something like this if I want more folk like him coming along to my classes......not sure whether he meant insisting on a uniform, being young and beautiful or that "HUP!, HUP!" thang.

    That's blokes for you


    P.S. .. he's still my Valentine after close to 35 years. Maybe he knows something!!?!

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    I like the arm thing. I wonder, if you put them in an airport, how many planes they would land?

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    So, I just watched this video without sound (hello, office!) and I must say, if you were to show these videos, without sound, to the doubters and the haters, it might actually convince them how stupid these moves are. I'm tempted to burn that to a CD to show to my class during cool-down as a gentle reminder of what never, ever to do in a cycling class.

    Incidentally, Mad Dogg must need a full-time copyright infringement person just to go after people improperly using the Spinning trademark on YouTube alone.

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    I think I am about to hurl my breakfast after listening to her HIGH pitched UUUUPPPPPPP a dozen times.

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    I just don't get it. Aside from the obvious.... Seriously, though, how is this entertaining? I mean, they wouldn't choreograph dances on bicycles if they didn't think someone would love watching it. It's not impressive, it's boring. If they were truly amazing, they'd be posting videos like these:

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    Anyone ever try this....

    btw the Cosmic Culture, Northern Star is great song...

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