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Thread: Realryders and knee issues?

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    I have been teaching on Realryders for nearly a year now, and I find my knees are much happier on this type of a bike vs. the "stationary" spin bikes. While chatting with a new member in my class the other day, she said her knees actually hurt more on the Realryder. Why would this be? I didn't notice any major deviations in form while she was riding. Could it just be a matter of getting used to it?

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    I took a class on a Realryder bike a couple weeks ago because I was interested in trying the bikes out. I felt a little soreness in my knees after the ride, too (not pain really, just a bit sore).

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    Not really RealRyder specific, but could it be from too slow a cadence and really high resistance? Outside on monster hill days, I experience knee pain when going too steep for too long. Or maybe she was not set up on the bike properly? I experience knee pain on my outside bike with just a tiny bit of adjustment to my saddle fore or aft. Cleat position also affects my knees.

    One thing that could be RealRyder specific is occasionally I see clients trying to "lean with their legs" when turning by moving that inside knee further to the inside than it should be, especially noticeable on slower cadence seated climbing turns. But if her form was good, I think I would look into the fit issues.

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    She seemed to be set up well, but you are right - even the slightest shift can make a difference. I'm also inclined to think she may have been using her knees more than necessary during the turns. Will keep an eye out for these things the next time...

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    Hi....we have RealRyders in our club. When I first started teaching on them I noticed that I had some strange feelings in my knee....I would have described it as some sort of soreness as well....nothing excruciating, but it was a diffferent feeling. I contacted my trainer at RealRyder and he stated that we were just working the knee and just like any other muscle, there may be some soreness, but since it was the knee people tend to get panicked. After a few weeks it went away and I have not had that issue since. I have been teaching on them for a year now.

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    I have been teaching on Realryders for over 2 yearss. We lost many members due to knee complaints.

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    I don't know what you all are talking about? It must be the way your setup on the bike? I broke my patella in half & thank the Real Ryder for rehabbing my knee. I feel stronger than ever!

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    Chiming in because I've become a RealRyder LUVR thanks to this past weekend at Boston Mania......and the correct instruction on what these bikes are all about.....and what they're not.

    My knees were also a bit "sore" after my first day.....prolly a combo of the workshop load and me trying to get a clue about how to do it right. Knees are fine now (after another couple of days)'s the undercarriage that's a problem.

    I think RealRyders might well be the antidote to the Bat-$hit crazy nonsense that passes for IDC like the
    Soul Cycle $hite.


    P.S........just adding on that the "after another couple of days" meant another couple of days of workshops and DOIN' IT RITE and not a couple of days of rest. I checked with one of the other attendees who I know and who's been introducing herself gradually into RealRyderdom (and is also something of a local phenom in the mountainbike racing world) and she reckoned it was more likely to be me and not the bikes.

    P.P.S ..... I would've asked the presenters to eyeball what they thought I might've been doing wrong but, even in the regular workshops, I noticed that they had their eyes trained on whatever it was they needed to give a Heads-Up! on......and didn't hsitate to do so.

    P.P.P.S ..... got a reminder of what one of my old oral surgery professors drummed into our brains, i.e. "Don't be afraid to pi$$ of the customer with good advice". Well, he didn't put it quite like that......but he would've if he'd had the gumption!!1!
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    Wow, this is an old thread but I figured I would jump onto it as I'm looking forward to getting into a class with these bikes again. I was in Norfolk, VA and that's where I basically started spinning (3 days a week for 3 weeks) and the location had these bikes. They were pretty cool and coming from a road bike to a spinning class these bikes seemed the right avenue. I was a little skeptical as to the setup as I was a pretty big guy. I weighed in about 280 and to start with I was worried about the fact that it had so much movement. After the first class I was sold. I even looked to see what one would cost if I wanted to get one for home! Whoa, it's better to have it at the gym!!

    Oh and I never experienced the knee issues!



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