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    Hi all,

    Has anyone here had a problem with a flywheel on their Lemond RevMaster Pro (or classic) that wasn't quite round?

    I purchased a new Pro a couple of months back and the noise from the brake pad fluctuated as the flywheel rotated. At low rpms and light resistance it sounded like a steam train and at high rpms and heavy resistance it sounded like a cricket chirping. I watched the flywheel while I rotated the pedals with my hand and could clearly see the edge of the flywheel moving in and out - in other words the radius of the wheel changed by 1-1.5mm as the wheel went round and this was altering the resistance on the brake pad. I had the bike exchanged for a new one and the new flywheel has the same problem - although not quite as pronounced - yet still makes the same fluctuating sound. It's really quite distracting. The manual for the bike claims the flywheel is 'precision-machined' so I'm thinking that's a misprint.

    Anyone else had this problem?

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    Years ago, I have experienced a similar problem on my IC bike (Not Lemond bike).
    It was due to one defective bearing. The shift on the wheel was a little radial and also lateral. Changed it with a new one the problem disappear.
    If the shifting is only radial, may be, the axis a little bent (crooked).

    Ciao Matteo

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    The Lemonds have a hub instead of an axle and I cannot see any variation in the hub as the flywheel rotates. I guess it's possible that the flywheel is not centred on the hub correctly. The flywheel wasn't aligned vertically properly either and the top of the wheel was almost touching the frame but that was a separate problem and I think I've managed to fix it.

  4. Default Lemond Revmaster Flywheel Irregularity

    Yes, I have a similar or identical problem with my Revmaster Sport. There was a change in manufacturers back in 2010. Maybe this is the source of the problem. Don't know. Anyway, I am able to minimize the irritating noise by oiling the flywheel directly in front of the brake pad with each use. I do have to place something underneath and in front of the flywheel to catch any excess oil sprayed while spinning. A towel or pad (or in my case, a pillow case) should do. I use the least amount of oil necessary to substantially reduce the noise. Since I have my Revmaster on top of ceramic tile, the oil spray (which is not overwhelming) is less of an issue. Based on your purchase date, it does seem as though the factory flaw in flywheel construction continues. I did find a Revmaster Pro in a far-away store on one occasion (October 2010) that had a flawless flywheel, possibly machined by the previous manufacturer for Lemond Fitness. I doubt I would purchase another Revmaster without being able to inspect it first or, alternatively, without clear assurance that the flywheel is perfectly round. Local availability would of course be an issue for many. I do enjoy the Revmaster, though, with enough oiling. I hope this problem will be corrected in the near future.
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    Yes I have had the same problem. I just bought A Remaster sport on my 3rd defective bike since Feb 27/13 , the second bike had an oval wheel. Hoist will not admit to the defect. 1st bike had a dent in the flywheel so it made a terrible noise with every revolution and the handle bars could not be tightened to a straight position. That is a frame defect. Finally 3rd bike the wheel is actually round but the handle bars on this bike are not straight. I have given up because of the endless emails, hassles because the bike weight and just the lack of trust I won`t get one with worse defects. Warn anyone you know thinking of buying one to inspect inspect inspect before purchasing and bringing home. Buyer beware


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