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    Rick I think that I am still using too much all my body sometime, the great thing it engage the core a lot how great is it to have your abd become rip Kranking !
    I practice only standing ... on a lunge standing no hips move but feet "hip appart" there is a move, if I "keep" my hip steady I have to compensate a LOT with the back and shoulder.
    Any info ? On how to improve it ?

    I will start teaching in Januray, right now we are planning 4 sessions of 30minutes with time I plan to offer more option. But the main focus will be the technic as Kranking is I think REALLY technical.

    Do you any idea if they Kranking is planning a training in the East coast area or in Montreal Canada ?

    Hi Pascal!

    I'm sorry for the delayed response, i don't visit the board often, but clearly I should be here more frequently! Rick's done a good job responding to your question thus far, but if i may jump in here to add a couple of cents ...

    To put it as simply as possible, when you execute the split in the any direction, there is a good deal of torso rotation which allows you to activate the core (abdominals, obliques, serratus,), but you should not feel excessive movement of the hips when performing the movement -- especially in the forward direction. Take a look at your stance when your feet are side-by-side, if your knees are soft and relaxed, you should feel much more connected or grounded to the baseplate. If your stance is rigid, you will likely feel much more movement of the hips. Now having said that, there may be application to do so depending on the overall goal of your training plan, in terms of which muscles you're focusing upon.

    Now, in general, when performing a retro or reverse split, you will likely experience much more movement, especially when you allow the shoulder to experience it's full range of motion. You're activating not only the muscles of the arm and shoulder, but now incorporating those involved in shoulder girdle activation, (elevation, retraction, depression, and protraction). If you take on a more relaxed posture as described above, you will likely feel much less movement of the hips, and more rotation in torso.

    To answer your question about certification, we are negotiating workshop dates for the first quarter of 2012 right now! Please let me know where you are located, we may be able to schedule a session near you. We are definitely planning sessions in Ontario (Toronto area,) and just held sessions in Alberta and British Colombia, but have not scheduled a workshop in Quebec. When they're available, they'll be posted on our "Education", and "Where to Krank" sections of our website.

    Johnny G Kranking®

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    Thanks guys !
    Rick and Yvonne I am gonna read and read again what you said, think about it and in my next practice feel and think about what you said.
    In your help I already find some ideas on what to improve ... my next practice will be next Tuesday, I will let ou know.

    Yvonne I am located in Hampton road Virginia but wife is from Montreal, we are planning to go next summer in Quebec for a month, I have already 2 bikes race planned but we could change our dates, I would prefer doing the training before the summer.

    There are a lot of military base and hospital in Hampton road perhaps you guys have contact with them, they could perhaps be interested in a training. The chain I am working for have 1 Krankcycle per location only. We currently have 2 but I am working HARD to have 5 more for January.

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