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Thread: School Project on cycling need at least 200 responses

  1. Default School Project on cycling need at least 200 responses

    Hey guys im doing a survey for this really long project on Cycling(Indoor-and-out) It would really help if you could take a minute out of your time to fill it out, Thanks

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    Hey, "whereswaldow", I just filled out your survey. Best of luck to you!

    To anyone concerned that this might be spam or a trick of some kind to get you to click on some scary link, don't worry. It is on the up and up. My kids have had to run surveys for school through googledocs too so the link looked really familiar. And the survey just takes a minute.

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    I filled it out! Good luck!

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    Filled it out. One of the questions was repetitive except for an additional choice in the responses. The one on "...hobby or sport", or I am really, really tired tonight and have lost my ability to read clearly.
    Good luck.

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    No Chuck you are not too tired the question is asked twice.

    Anyway I ans. it too. Good luck. Sue

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    done! happy to help.
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    done, good luck on your project

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    Done! Glad I could help a school project

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    Best Wishes!


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    Just completed. I'd be interested in your results!
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    Done. Good luck

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