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Thread: Words to motivate

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    "If you were outside a burning building would you go in and risk your life to save others? How about if your kids were in there? Change your motivation and you can and will do anything!"
    Keep in mind they're pedaling a bike that's going nowhere. I would tend to keep things a little lighter.

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    Make getting up at 5:45 am worth it
    if you have anything left in your gas tank, this is the time to use it up

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    "Relax in the saddle, and let your legs do the work"
    "Smile, we can accomplish more, easier, when we smile."

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    Is your desire for change greater than your desire for comfort?

    If this is uncomfortable ... smile. A smile sends a message to your brain faster than any message to your legs or your lungs :-)
    All hail the Velominati cycling rule #5

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    I'm not so slick at motivational words of wisdom (I'll roll with Velominati rule #5 and WE R Honey Badgers and we don't give one....) but rather try to offer up insights for folk to do a bit o' self assessment and personal motivation.

    If you can talk as easily as I can (on a recovery) ...U GOTZ IT RITE!1!

    If you can talk as easily as I can when you think you're working hard ....U GOTZ IT RONG!1!

    I sometimes go with orthopedic surgeons jokes as well sort of need a specific audience for these (they really are out there!)

    Simple minded, me.


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    Be honest about your effort...if you are not out of breath (as in an anaerobic interval) then you are not working hard enough
    by 3/4 of the class I say Think back to when you started class...strong and motivated....recreate that now

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    Stay Focused. Stay Humble. Always Hustle.

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    Love this! Smile :-)

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    why cant I view this?

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