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Thread: Hammer House Cycle Studio, Colts Neck, NJ

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    I am visiting my parents in New Jersey next week and just made reservations at the Hammer House Indoor Cycling studio for a cycle class. I am very interested in trying out the Realryder bikes as we do not have any studios in my neck of the woods. The cost at Hammer House is higher than where I teach (the midwest) but it is the East Coast and everything cost more. Has anyone been to the studio? When I return from Jersey I will provide some feedback on the class and bikes.

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    Hammer house opened up a2nd location in redbank Nj. A couple of months ago and offered free trial classes in which I took advantage of. I was also curious about those bikes. It was a fun experience u should definitely try it and welcome to Nj. Regards. Spinner

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    Just returned from my visit to Jersey. I went to the Hammer House Cycle Studio in Colts Neck. The studio was just purchased by a new owner, it was actually her 1st week. She bought the Colts Neck location only and Red Bank is closing, no buyers. The new owner is adding more bikes and expanding the studio and adding strength and yoga classes. It was my 1st time on the Realryder bikes and I liked the concept of them moving but not sure about all the banking drills. They seemed very contrived. The instructor was very good and clearly explained how to the ride bike. I wish could have attended a few more classes. If anyone is traveling near Colts Necks, stop by the studio the owner is super nice. I am a little jealous as I would love to own my studio

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    Happy you enjoyed it - did you happen to get the new owners name? I am not surprised that the redbank location is closing - not such a good location for a gym. spunkee


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