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    Post acess to private forums

    I have posted more than 5 times but for some reason do not have access to private forums (I have had access in the past). I think it started with the new website format. Any ideas on how to regain access? I really value those forums and go to them often. Thanks so much.

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    Hopefully, John will see this and have some answers. If not, I'd send an p.m. to admin.
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    I can't get on to the private forums either and I've posted 5 times. why are they private? do people have to pay?

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    I tried to view my own PROFILE today - and It was blocked as "Private"! Something is clearly wrong here ... >:[

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    this is an annoying policy

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    Take a look at this thread - and it will explain all. Please remember that this is a free forum,you are not being charged a penny/cent/etc for access to it,you are merely being asked to contribute to conversation about a fitness format that we all love. Negativity in any form is not wanted or needed.

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    I can't gain access and I've posted more than 5

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    thanks, I am new and having trouble navigating. I can't seem to see the profiles. Says it is private. Can you help?

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    Try logging out and then back in.


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