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Thread: Spinning is for everyone!

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    Spinning really is for everyone. My mom started spinning when I become an instructor. She is not athletic and has lost 15 pounds so far in 3 months!! Its all about the modifications in the beginning and sticking with it!

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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. This is what it's all about. Keep it up

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    I really have fallen in love with being a spin instructor, watching how it improves the lives of many of our club's members. People of all ages, sizes, and athletic backgrounds coming together to enjoy an hour of spin together, working hard, its beautiful!

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    That's awesome! My IL's spin together and they are 67 & 70! I hope that's my husband and I, as well as our daughters! My daughters are 4 & 6 and are itching to get on a spin bike since they come to the gym with us twice a week when we spin together. I am looking forward to that day, although I want them to stay little forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casmith0502 View Post
    I bet grandma kicked butt!!
    I'm sure she did. I used to go to a class where a 65 years young lady use to attend and she was awesome. It was hard to keep up with her

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    I like spinning, anyone can easily learn to use spinning to exercise.
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    It is beautiful. What else can we do for our entire lifetime? One of my favorite motivating quotes is "because you want to be at your grandchildrens' weddings" and now someone in class has actually accomplished that!

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    I've been instructing for over 10 years and one thing is certain, I get people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. From injury rehabs, must fit in the dress brides to be, basketball teams, triathletes, gotta get in shape before basic training, moms, grandmothers, great-grandmothers (fathers too) all of them. It never ceases to amaze me the diversity of the participants. It's what makes me WANT to instruct every class.

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    Kathy this is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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    I wish I could post photos of my class. Sometimes I'm just so dang proud of them and would like to capture the moment. Thanks for sharing.

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    Love that your kids club has spin class for children. At my gym we are unable to do that because the bikes wouldn't fit them. Maybe one day!

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