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Thread: Sons first Spin Class

  1. Smile Sons first Spin Class

    My son is finally tall enough to try out a spin class. I was so excited for him to come along and see what I did at the gym. He endured the instruction and safety info at the start of class and seemed to be doing great. When the class was over I asked him how he liked it. His reply was, "We didn't go anywhere. What is the fun in that?" I guess it is all in perspective!

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    That's old is he?
    When I brought my 15 year old daughter to her first spin class, every time she wanted to recover a little she stopped pedaling completely!

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    Cute. I've only had a handful of kids stick with it and actually enjoy it. Could be I don't play music they'd like...
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  4. Default That's Great!

    I have seen an influx in kids coming to the gym with their parents...It would be great for our youth to start the habit of exercising at a young age.

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    i can think of at least 5 parent/child couples that i have or have had in my various classes and i love it! one of my neighbors did a triathlon with her daughter and, although my kids are still young, i hope that we can do something like that together in the future.
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  6. Default Daughter at the Gym

    Last year, I started bringing my 12 year old daughter to the gym with me. It changed our entire relationship. We took classes together, I showed her how to use the equipment, later gave her the freedom to choose what she wanted to do. I never made it about weight loss or anything else other than something we do together. In the end, the weight loss came, as well as more open communication, improved confidence, self care and social skills. It used to be a struggle to get her away from her books and the couch, she is all around more active now. Although it took time away from my other children, seeing how changed she is, it was one of the best decisions I ever made as a parent.

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    Default Me too

    My son came to my spin class a few times. When the "newness" and the attention on him wore off, he didn't come back. Oh well, maybe he'll come back around when he's older.

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    Default Boring!

    I had lost my i-pod ( left it on the stairclimber - grrr!) so I was using my 11 year old daughters i-touch she got for her B-day to load my playlists onto for my Spinning class. I was a little rushed for class last week so I didn't get a chance to get my playlist selected before class. When I went to find my playlists they were no where to be found and I was panicking as the class was starting to file in and get warmed-up. I just happened to see a file called "Boring Stuff" and there was all my Spinning playlists!
    And here I thought I was playing pretty good stuff! I do have a No Justin Beiber rule on my class playlist because after having to see him in 3D - I definitely didn't get any Beiber fever!

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    I've had a couple mother daughter combo's in my class and I think it's great. Most of the daughters are freshly outta High School or early in college. I think a younger crowd would be great. I'm trying to get my niece who is 14 to take my class we will see.

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    Very cute post! Anyone have any marketing ideas to get kids into class?

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    I taught a class for young teens and many loved it! I let them bring their own music. It was a real release for them, I think.

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