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  1. Default Help with Videos

    Hi everyone
    I'm new to this site and love it!!!!!!!! Great info. I teach at a great club with very sophisticated video equipment that we never use because we don't have any videos. We have used those corny outdoor cycle videos but talk about b-o-r-i-n-g! No one likes them including me. Does anyone out there know of any cool videos for spin class? I also try to use music that you don't hear often or ever on the radio people laugh and seem to really like it. I just try to make the class different so people will keep coming back.

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    Question Spinchick

    OK I feel the same way about the outdoor vids. Sooooo I ordered The Wizard of Oz synch'd. to Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. Haven't gotten it yet but I'll keep you updated as to it's finnspin rating. I've already booked it for a charity ride if it looks and sounds good. We'll use it as a special ride seeing how it is 2 hours. I'm planning 1 hr ride with last hour social sit and snack.
    Train Hard, Have Fun!

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    raptor Guest


    I don't know what you mean by "corny outdoor" videos, but I have success riding along with race videos from World Cycling Productions.


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    beachgator Guest

    Default make your own

    I tape theTour de France and we ride along with the pelaton during the race, using the same profiles. There are other bike races on OLN and Speed networks also. Our instructors got together and some rode while one drove and one videoed, and we taped our local Ormond Loop ride.

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    Talking video update

    Ok I did get several videos. The Wizard of Oz with pink floyd Dark side of the Moon perfectly synched. Ok weird But a great ride for fun and something different. Profile was just relaxed, climbs with some Standing runs and jumps. I did it with a selective few whom are open minded to just have a great time. They loved how different it was, You can profile it to the video or the music. The 2nd was Pink Floyd Echoes synched to Contact the scene when Jodie foster enters the pod and the wormhole jouney begins. A great 25min video. Delighted at how the music and the scanes played well together giving you the feeling of riding your bike thru the wormhole. 3rd and 4th were U2 Crossings videos from South Africa Coast. The indor bike version. They give a cue sheet inside for instructors giving their definitions of the different grades and that your music should be low for background because the video is the ride. I did get lost in the ride several times. BUT. When they filmed this famous cycle course they did it on a motorbike. So the speed was unrealistic for uphills. I did my homework on it though and found that using my remote (a man thing ) I slowed the video down according to the grade of the hill. I haven't done this with the classes yet. But for my own workouts and wow what a great ride/workout. the pink floyds were readily available on ebay from several dealers. the South Africa was purchased thru U2Crossings .com they have several videos,again just be aware they are recorded from the front of a motor vehicle. Good luck all and have fun
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    For those of you with a darker taste:


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    Hey everyone,

    I like the road rides, but that might be because I enjoy turning lots of miles on a bike.

    In my class, I drive the music from my laptop. For some of the classes, I mix up the music with music videos or roll through with pictures from various events that we have done. It makes the ride go by very quickly.

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    Default Raptor

    Hi, can you be more specific about which vidios you liked from world cycle producions race rides, they have so meny

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    Have you tried

  10. Default Here's a new Virtual Reality Training DVD you might like!

    There's a new virtual reality cycling series out there I just came across called epicRIDEs, which are just that, epic rides shot in beautiful, interesting locations around the world.

    The first release is Epic Vermont and it features a big climb over one of Vermont's best known mountain gaps, Appalachian Gap, whch is one of the major climbs for the Green Mountain Stage Race.

    I think these videos are clean and elegant - like cycling! There is a dashboard superimposed on the video which give you just the right amount of information to gauge your training effort - elapsed time, average grade, training zone and a real neat terrain profile with a progress indicator.

    The next release is called Epic Acadia and it is shot on the coast of Maine in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. It will have a major climb up Cadillac Mountain, the highest on the coast of the Eastern U.S.

    One thing I like is the training guide that goes with each video. They have a number of first class workouts.

    Also, the videography and music are great and the riders are sort of like me, serious and competitive, but not superhuman!

    They are a good workout and fun to watch.

  11. Default videos for rent

    I know there are some Schwinn, and I think there use to be some of Robert Shermin's Reebok videos available and I also belive the Rides "Ride the Rockies" and Ride Las Vegas" are available.

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