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Thread: Where are the Kranking posts?

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    Anyone know of gyms in WI that have Krankcycle yet? The friend of mine that demos them at trade shows brought 2 in to demo at our gym but the gym never bit. I haven't seen them since...except in pictures.
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    I'll ask the question,Jewel,but let me ask you,who is your friend? :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jewelofnile69 View Post
    Anyone know of gyms in WI that have Krankcycle yet?
    I'm working specifics but what I know right now is we have Krankcycles at two of the Wisconsin Athletic Clubs, and several YMCA's in Wisconsin.

    I'll update this when I have more. to give.

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    Consider this thread bumped.

    Because my Fitness Center director caught me by surprise this morning when he asked me about purchasing Krankcycles - Rick or Yvonne could you tell me (or PM me) which WACs and which YMCAs in Wisconsin have Krankcycles so we can do our research. Want to talk about and try before we buy.

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    I am not sure Yvonne checks in on the forum on a regular basis anymore, I will post a comment on her Facebook page for you.
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