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Thread: Can't Access Quotable Presenter

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    Why can't I access the Quotable Presenter forum. I have been able to previously but now can't. Can someone please advise how I can do so again?



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    A longstanding policy was reinstated requiring users to have made 5 posts before accessing the Music, Profiles, & Professional Development section, which includes Quotable Presenter. See for more: . You've made one post, just make 4 more!

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    I think this is my 5th and I hope I am able to view all again. Such a helpful site!

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    I am having the same issue...

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    Thanks for answering this i was also having difficulty

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgiles View Post
    I think this is my 5th and I hope I am able to view all again. Such a helpful site!
    ....a FWIW for recent newbies....

    Notice again (as I just pointed out) ......these lame azz questions are almost only ever posed by transients and drive bys. Even when they get testy like the above quoted, you'll rarely see double digit posts....

    A retrospective response to this retort......this site is only as helpful as YOU make it. much as you like to eyeball stuff without putting in any effort, this site would be dead if we were all like you. I've been a bit lax of late (for reasons that seem excellent to me) Mark my words.....I am going to correct that!!

    For starters.......from 2011 and with a post count of.....4 ...really??!?

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    I did not get the feeling that mgiles was being "testy". Thanks Paul for helping out the newbies.
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