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Thread: Hey SpinBob.. Great article on Kranking!

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  1. Default Hey SpinBob.. Great article on Kranking!


    Great article on Kranking in today's "Record". By the time I got to the end and saw the picture, I said "That must be SpinBob!" Must b quite a rush to write and article. Wish I was there, but the sun in the Caribbean kep me away!


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    Find the link, Great article ! Thanks.

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    Ooops. I knew I forgot something. I believe that is SpinBob in the black (all the way in the back of first picture and right in front of second picture)

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    nice article spinbob! regards Spunkee

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    Where is SpinBob?

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    This is by far,the best article by mainstream media,that I have seen. Bob was very clear & concise with The Krankcycle's purpose and applications and described the operation of it perfectly. If you haven't had the opportunity to get Kranking yet,it's a shame because you are missing out....but you will soon enough!

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    I tried this a few weeks ago and was very surprised that I liked it and it was a great workout. Did switching back/forth between spin bike and Kranking. Can't wait to do it again.

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    Thanks for sharing the article. I just got my Krankcycle certification and can't wait to teach some fusion Spin & Krancycle classes...


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