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Thread: Cycling in Vibram Fivefinger shoes

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    So I made the error of forgetting to put my spin shoes for class today. I got to class in my favorite pair of Nike Free 2.0. My feet are killing me. And I did not even work very hard. I warned my students that I would not be riding at the prescribed intensity and that I would keep my own ride at a recovery level.

    I did, however, learn a few things;
    1. Don't forget my IC shoes again.
    2. How the foot moves in the pedals when not in a supported shoe.
    a. the foot has a tendency to severely pronate.
    b. it is practically impossible to pull-up with the foot in the strap, so one is left with only pushing down.
    i. a lot of pedaling power is lost.
    ii. it really messes up your walking gait afterwards.
    3. My knees are tender.

    How do people stand not using cycling shoes on indoor or outdoor bikes?
    I have no flippin' idea. Personally I would not even bother getting on the bike if I forgot my cycling shoes for a class. Even when I take my bike to the LBS to be left for repairs, I ride with cycling shoes and carry street shoes to walk back.

    One of the instructors that teaches at one of the facilities has just started riding outside. First time I saw him he had cross-trainers to ride with. I insisted he get proper cycling shoes (he is registered for a 120km GranFondo in September). Now that he has the shoes he doesn't understand why he didn't get them before.

    Cages were original meant to be ridden with a cycling shoe with 'cleat' on the sole. That was a bump that had a slot in it. The shoe would go into the cage, the slot with fit onto the edge of the pedal, the rider would tighten down the strap and voilá, foot locked into position. The rider could now pull back through the bottom of the pedal stroke and pull up if required. Of course, getting out in a hurry was another matter - that took a lot of experience.
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    If there's one reason why I recommend cycle shoes it's for comfort. I don't think anyone really notices how bad sneakers feel until they have cause to return to them for whatever reason after riding in bike shoes. My theory is that, when you first start IDC classes everywhere hurts. Bit by bit the hurt goes away. If you make the final leap and become a wimp and get bike shoes, you don't notice the "trade-up", so to speak but "trade-down" and you'll really know.

    Back when I did a lot of random subbing I actually carried 2 pair of bike with and one without cleats just so I'd be equipped for all contingencies (well, not all......I'd have been SOOL if I'd stumbled on a gym with LOOK only pedals or Speedplay or whatnot. I've even brought them into the gym to show someone who wasn't convinced that, even without the SPD trappings, the stiffer sole spreads the load.


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    Just got the new dragon's. They are super comfy and provide the stability for a great ride.......check

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    The fascination with "barefoot" shoes seems to have died down, but they are still somewhat popular at one place I teach, and recently I had a young man show up for his first class wearing them. As I was setting him up on the bike, I cautioned him those were not the best shoes to wear on the bike and he might not want to come out of the saddle (I was also explaining the different riding positions to his friend, wearing cross-trainers, on the next bike). He must have strong feet because he did come out of saddle briefly a couple times during the class. He told me at the end he'll be back. I wonder what shoes he'll be wearing.

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    Cycling shoes have a rigid sole, which provides a stable platform for your foot. You’ll still be able to walk normally, and you’ll get better power output when you are mashing the pedals.

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