Schwinn IC Elite Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Indoor cycling bikes or spin bikes are a common sight in health clubs and gyms and provides a great workout for all ages and sizes. One of them is the ‘Schwinn IC Elite Indoor Cycling Bike’. Let us look at some of its features, dimensions, and pros and cons, and you can then decide it for yourself if this is the right one for you.

Features of Schwinn IC Elite Spin Bike

Schwinn IC Indoor Bike

Schwinn IC Elite Indoor Cycling Bike provides its users with industry-leading features, and it’s patented ‘Smart Release’ mechanism is at the forefront of the list. The red flywheel and seating sets this bike apart and its users in multi-bike settings.

This indoor bike is designed to put up with the rigor and test of countless hours of riding and to perform at its optimum under an intense workout regime. It is the quintessential indoor bike that is meant to provide you with the feel and experience of a road bike within the confines and comfort of your own home.

  • 40 pounds flywheel powered by a smooth and silent belt drive with infinitely variable resistance
  • Dual SPD pedals come standard with toe cages and clips
  • Urethane-dipped handlebars with fore/aft adjustment and integrated multi-media device holder designed to keep you engaged during your workout
  • Fully adjustable ventilated race-style seat …

Some of its eye-catching features include a customized fit, sleek-looking geometry that is quite akin to a racing bike, true cycling components used in its manufacturing, and the much-hyped and the revolutionary Smart Release system offered by Schwinn that provides all the functionalities of a fixed gear system as well as unique coasting options.

The 38-pound flywheel and direct drive gearing function provide a high inertia drive system. The bike has convenient and easy-to-grip handlebars, and a fully adjustable seating system that is commensurate with the handlebars for a great and comfortable fit. You can easily ascertain your preferred comfort settings and that makes for effective and longer workout sessions. The seats can be moved flexibly to your desired position or setting by moving it fore and aft and up and down.

The corrosion-free stainless steel locking pop pins are easy to use and can be quickly threaded tightly to give the rider a secure and stable hold on the sliding tube.

The leveling feet has a wide diameter for a better grip and support whilst pedaling, and also affords floor protection and stability. The axles are reinforced on purpose to provide the user with an enhanced service life of the product vis-à-vis the standard toe clip/strap pedals. The pads of the wheel also have a defined texture to ensure there is no slipping when the legs extend and retract whilst fast pedaling.

It has transport wheels which is an amazing feature, as it allows the storage and movement of this bike super easy. You can move it around wherever you like without much fuss or too many people dragging it. This portability feature doesn’t end up in leaving marks on your floor and you can be assured of that.

Some of its key construction components include Shimano sealed cartridge bottom bracket and cold forged crank arms that can accommodate clipless pedals as well (and includes toe clips).

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It also has two composite water bottle cages that can conveniently hold bottles that are around 1 liter in size. This can come in very handy when you are pedaling fast and need some instant water to re-boost and re-vitalize you to push more.

It is a sturdy and heavy bike (weighing around 130 pounds to give it durability and longevity) and can easily accommodate riders weighing up to 300 pounds, making it an ideal choice for a range of users, looking to stay fit and healthy or lose weight.

The bike also has infinitely variable resistance levels that provide a steady increase throughout the resistance ranges available.

You can enjoy an effective and sweaty workout without worrying about the inclement weather or poor road conditions. There are no safety or security concerns either for yourself or your family, as you are not venturing out, and exercising within the secure boundaries of your home, with the requisite peace of mind. These are some of the key reasons as to why anyone would opt for an indoor bike. You can stay fit and healthy at your own pace and chosen time, without binding yourself or worrying about the closure of a gym or a health club.

Product Dimensions

The bike has a reasonably big size and its footprint measurements are 50 x 22.5 inches (LXW). Its stabilizers are 22-inch wide that are designed to give the rider with added support and stability during those heavy paddling movements.

Its broad dimensions allow the bike to be compatible for a wide range of users (kids as well as adults), who range in heights from 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 8 inches.


Every product has its positive aspects and some negative ones too. Let us look at all of them so you can factor those in whilst making a decision.


  • The bike is specially designed to withstand long hours of usage and program options.
  • It comes with a 15-year warranty for the frame, 2-year warranty for the parts, 1-year warranty on labor, and 6-months warranty on wear and tear items.
  • The assembly of the bike is simple and easy, and do not necessarily require external assistance if you can follow the simple instructions provided in the manual.
  • The overall quality of the spin bike is good and well-constructed with little or no issues on quality control aspects.
  • It is long-lasting and works consistently well (i.e. fit for purpose) with appropriate usage and care.
  • The best option for a workout or staying fit for hot summer days or cold winter months, when going outdoors is not an option or advisable. It can be ideally placed in front of a TV or a gadget and you can be entertained whilst exercising for longer durations.
  • It has a gym-quality spinner that can be used daily, without worrying too much about replacing parts or breaking down.
  • The main structure of the bike comes assembled, and only some moving parts (such as stability bars and pedals) need to be put together to get it moving.


  • Some of the assembly items and tools are not included in the packaging. For example, an adjustable wrench is required in addition to the wrench supplied, greasing for application to the chain so it acts as an anti-seize, and the suggested Schwinn brake pad lube. Given the pricing of the bike, it would have been a nice touch to include small pouches off this lube and grease for initial usage.
  • The wheels can be wobbly. This can create unnecessary noise and grinding which isn’t ideal and can be a distraction for the rider. The grinding (somewhere in the flywheel) can also make the bike vibrate slightly (at slower speeds).
  • The chain can be very tight and the tension in the flywheel region may require adjustment to cure the vibration.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in panel for reading or fixing your gadget for ease of use. It also doesn’t let you note the calories burnt or distance traveled
  • In case of a breakdown or a repair, there can be delays as some of the parts are made in China and have to be imported from there.
  • The bike is only available in a standard (red and black) color and doesn’t provide many options for those seeking different colors or colors of their own choice.

Schwinn IC Elite Indoor Cycling Bike Review