Indoor Cycling Using Your Own Bike

Indoor cycling is a fast and efficient way of shedding extra pounds while staying at home. All you have to do is identify a corner at your home and turn it into an indoor cycling studio. This article will provide you a thorough understanding of setting up an indoor cycling studio using your own bike.

Important Things to Think About Indoor Cycling Using Your Own Bike

Currently, the pandemic has caused a drastic shift in everyone’s lifestyle. People are staying at home more than ever and adjusting to the new normal. Amidst all this, exercising and staying fit gained much more importance.

Therefore, exercises like indoor cycling are preferred since it is easy to set up and follow at home. All you have to do is follow some tips, and you are good to go. Read on to further know about creating your indoor cycling studio using your bike.

Indoor Cycling

Prepare a Training Space

Identify a training space in the house. The space should be at least four feet wide and eight feet long to accommodate your trainer and accessories. It should have a hard, level floor along with a nearby outlet for plugging a TV, computer, fan, or any other electronic device.

Moreover, be mindful of your surroundings during your training time. The chosen space should be away from noisy surroundings at your home or from sleeping quarters in case you want to pump up the jams.

Having the training space in a somewhat secluded area of your house will give you peace of mind and allow you to have an uninterrupted workout. Thus, start with finding an area in your home where you could have an uninterrupted workout. Once you find it, begin setting up your indoor cycling studio, which involves setting up different cycling accessories.

Indoor Cycling Accessories

To get the most out of your indoor training sessions, here is what you need to have to set up an indoor cycling studio.

Headwind Fan

Consider a ventilated space for exercising to prevent overheating. You always need a cooling method to cool yourself. Therefore, get a fan that could create an atmosphere that is comfortable enough for you to work out rigorously.

Ideally, a big fan would be suitable. Twelve inches is the smallest size of a fan that you could consider; however, eighteen inches or larger would be better.

Moreover, the headwind fan is specifically designed with the cyclist in mind. Such fans have sensors that make the fan go faster or slower, depending upon your speed and heart rate. Best headwind fans are capable of keeping you cool during tough training sessions, making them ideal for cycling indoors.

Smart Plugs

There are smart bike trainers that give you an amazing indoor cycling experience. A smart trainer enables you to adjust your power and speed with the app or program you are cycling to. In a smart trainer, you usually use a cycling app that allows you to interact with the workout in a two-way manner.

Moreover, if you are using a laptop or TV screen, ensure you have the proper accessories. You must have an HDMI cable for attaching your computer to your flat screen or a shelf for your laptop to post on while you pedal.

In addition, having wireless headphones or other accessories will make your workout much comfortable and easier. Having your screens attached to wires will keep you distracted, and if you make one wrong move, everything could be a mess.

Also, you could have a Bluetooth-connected sound system which would give you the best audio quality to follow the program you are training to. You do not have to worry about connecting wires; just connect the system, and you are good to go. Having the program motivate you while you work out boosts your energy and gives you more strength.

Therefore, wireless headphones or Bluetooth sound system allow you to exercise freely and easily pair to your phone, iPad, or computer.

Bike Computer

If you plan to follow an online workout, you will need to have a screen or laptop set up in front of you. Thus, you may need a table or mount to place your computer or laptop. Further, you might want a TV or laptop for a visual representation of the exercise you are doing while working out.

Besides, there are stationary bike computers that functions like a computer. It can be mounted on your bicycle and counts the number of rotations of the paddle.

The mini device comes with an LCD that shows the walking rate calculation, current speed, maximum speed, average speed of cycling, and the total time. Hence, you could track your cycling outputs easily with these devices.

Bike Trainer Mat

You would want to place a mat under your bike to protect the floor. If you place your bike on the wooden or carpeted floor, then you might want to place it on the rubber mat. A rubber mat will be suitable if you are cycling in your living room to prevent the carpet from spoiling.

Furthermore, a mat under your bike could protect the floor from sweat dripping during the workout. This could come in handy if you live in an apartment on top floors. If you have neighbors living downstairs, then you might need a thicker, denser foam mat that will reduce vibration and noise.

However, a thin yoga mat would be suitable if you live on the ground floor. Thus, select the type of mat, depending on your requirements.

Bike Trainer Towel

A towel is one of the most important accessories for indoor cycling. It is not only needed to wipe your sweat off your brow or forehead. But it should be draped over your top tube to prevent sweat from dripping on your bike. It keeps the exterior of the bike from sweat dripping over it.

A sports towel is suitable to use while working out. They are lighter, easier to manage, and dries a bit quicker too. Therefore, for exercise purposes, sports towels come in handy. However, it is not necessary to have a sports towel only. You could use other regular towels of your choice as well.

Thus, consider an excessive-specific towel for maximum protection and a neutral aesthetic if your trainer is placed in the living room.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM) device is a small device crucial for indoor cycling. It enables you to count the heartbeat rate and display it on its monitor. It measures heart rate information regarding different kinds of workouts you do.

Heart Rate Monitor HRM

Moreover, the Heart Rate Monitor includes two main parts: a monitor and a transmitter. The transmitter function is to send the data of the heartbeat rate while the monitor displays it.

However, every heart rate monitor does not fit every indoor bike. Therefore, you have to select a specific one that fits on your bike.

Indoor Cycling Conversion Stand

Setting up an indoor cycling studio is made easy with the availability of an indoor cycling trainer exercise stand. It is a simple piece of kit that could turn your outdoor bicycle into an indoor exercise bike in no time.

Additionally, there are two types of stationary bike stands. First is a trainer that clamps the back wheel of the bicycle while the front wheel can move. Second is a roller bike stand, which lifts the bike, allowing both wheels to spin.

Also, there are various indoor cycling trainer stands on the market. These stands come with adjustable magnetic resistance units, and most can be folded away for travel or storage purposes. Bicycle trainer stands make it easy for you to turn your cycle into an effective exercise bike.


To sum up, indoor cycling produces great results if you have it set up properly with all the necessary accessories. All you have to do is be mindful of the tips that are discussed in this article, and you can have an incredible indoor cycling experience. Having an indoor cycling studio will help you stay fit while staying at home and keep up with your fitness routine. So, follow a few steps, and you are good to go with your fitness routine at home!