Hilboy P10 Tiny Bike Review Should you buy this e-bike?

In the micro-mobility business, Hilboy is a relatively new brand. Still, they have a large selection of products, including e-scooters, e-skateboards, and e-bikes; we have already reviewed their e-scooter, and now we will evaluate the Hilboy P10 e-bike.

The hybrid P10 is probably one of the smallest folding e-bikes on the market.

It has 12-inch air tires, which are small in the world of e-bikes, but they’re still significantly larger than e-scooter tires, so they can still absorb shocks fairly well when riding on rough roads; additionally, the setter is very thick and comfortable for long rides.

Hilboy P10 Tiny Bike Review Should you buy this e-bike?

The bike comes practically entirely constructed out of the box and is ready to ride. Although the P10 uses tiny tires, it’s not a compact e-bike due to its different design approach; the mount for the battery is in the center of the bike. This results in an unfoldable; you can only fold the front stem down and lower the seat post. Fortunately, it’s compact enough to put the whole bike in my car chunk, which is essential for mixed-mode commuting. A 350-watt wheel drive model drives the P10. While it is not the fastest e-bike, its top speed of roughly 15 miles per hour is sufficient for most average consumers. It can also climb low and short slopes with ease.

The ride is not smooth because it uses a cadence sensor like any other inexpensive e-bike on the market. The models will activate as soon as you begin pedaling, so practice before hitting the road. To my surprise, new riders are boosted by the quick increase in pace. The dual disc brakes are pretty quick and responsive. I particularly like the primary LED headlight and tail light, which are helpful when riding at night and do not require additional expenditures.

Hilboy P10 Tiny Bike Review Should you buy this e-bike?

Let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of these e-bikes.

Its reasonable price, long battery life, and model that is pleasant for short trips. With cadence sensor issues and the battery unavailable for replacement riding the Hilboy P10 is still a good e-e-bike.  The taller rider might have an issue with its size but is still a personal preference. It’s best for folks who are under 6 feet tall. With all said I would still recommend this Highboy P10.